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A. Wynston Wilson (aka) Wilson On Your Mind ... is a Sphere-of-Life Coach affiliated with the IAPLF (the International Association of Professional Life Coaches),  Amazon #1 Bestselling Author, Motivational Speaker ... and the founder of WILSON ON YOUR MIND, LLC at

His SPHERE-OF-LIFE BLUEPRINT Formula has established itself as the quickest, shortest approach to long-term achievement, and has touched the lives of more than 6,300 people world-wide and continues to grow!

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... Let WilsonOnYourMind be your SPHERE-OF-LIFE Coach and collaborator in success!

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In recognition of this fact, I became very much motivated to spend my entire adult life seeking a practical formula for successful achievement.  Not only did I spend a great deal of my time carefully studying and analyzing the habits of some of the most successful people in the world (past and contemporary) ... 

... I quest in search of everything pertaining to the art / science of successful achievement I could lay my hands on:

  • I studied the great literatures on the most advanced thinking on the subject, including ancient texts, contemporary philosophy, psychology, spirituality, the principles and laws of the universe ... and even quantum physics
  • I interviewed people who were successful not only in business and finance ... but in their personal, social, and spiritual lives ...
  • I researched more than 350 biographies of the most extraordinarily successful people ... in personal, professional, and spiritual arenas
  • I acquired an M.Ed. in Counseling and Psychology from Cambridge, with the intent on studying the mindset of the dynamically successful ... and took ongoing professional skill-development course-specializations offered by some of the world's most renowned research universities on the "Science of Success" ... including The Ross School of Business at University of Michigan
  • I even authored and published a book on the topic of adversity and how to get through life's toughest challenges, which became an Amazon #1 bestseller (featured in their respective categories of  "Personal Transformation" and "Spirituality" 

My name is A. Wynston Wilson, known to my clients across the board, as Wilson-OnYour-Mind.

I was in born an orphan in Liberia, West Africa.  My mother died in childbirth, and my father died when I was a toddler. 

Prior to emigrating to the United States as a young adult, I received my primary and secondary education at College St. Pierre, UK ... Holy Ghost College, Nigeria ... and at the College of West Africa, Liberia.  I graduated high school at Thousand Oaks High, Thousand Oaks, CA, while on a YFU (Youth for Understanding) one-year student exchange program.

A 1995 graduate of Cambridge College at Harvard Square MA, I have an M.Ed. in Counseling & Psychology.

In addition to my primary obligations as a sphere-of-life coach, I moonlight as an online international language consultant to professionals in Asia, the Middle East, and South America, which accords me the opportunity to interact with and impact the lives of thousands of people across the globe.

I am also a Motivational Speaker, stimulating clients to ignite significant personal transformation in the 8+ major areas of their sphere-of-life.

In addition to all of the above ... I am a proud survivor of the world's very first major post-World-War II humanitarian catastrophe (the 1967 – 1970 civil-war conflict between Nigeria and Biafra, brought about in 4 systematic genocidal massacres).   My reflections on surviving the war, as well as how to get through life's toughest challenges are highlighted in my Amazon #1 bestselling book:  "ANTIDOTES FOR ADVERSITY ... 21 Effective Ways To Get Through Life’s Toughest Challenges". 

Caught in the throes of a full-blown war could have easily made me a poster child for life’s disappointments and hardship ...  and could have very easily thwarted my propensity for successfull attainment.  Yet, In spite of the stumbling blocks, challenges and losses ... I slowly DISCOVERED A POWERFUL SECRET IN THOSE YEARS THAT TREATED ME SO HARSHLY ... that the path I once walked often soaked with tears, had not been a wasted journey.

As a person who has undergone seemingly insurmountable pitfalls, obstacles and setbacks

... as well as overcome them through unwavering perseverance,persistence and tenacity... 

I want my clients across the board to know that

I am the GO TO Sphere-of-Life Coach who can help you 


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