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Wynston A. Wilson
Life Coach, Bestselling Author, Motivational Speaker

My name is Wynston Alexander Wilson, a 1995 M.Ed. Counseling & Psychology graduate of Cambridge at Harvard Square, Massachusetts, USA.  Affiliated with the IAPLC (International Association of Professional Life Coaches, I am known to my clients as Wilson On Your Mind.  Over the course of 25+years, I have been privileged to coach thousands of people from all walks of life just like you.


My Life Coaching approach is 100% CLIENT-CENTERED … reinforcing dignity and self-worth, autonomy and self-determination … and dramatically stimulating the enhancement of self-esteem, sense of capability, and motivation!

This means that from the moment we interact, you will sense that a caring person is listening to you, understands and empathizes with you, and is prepared to help you work toward your short and long-term goals.

On becoming my client, you will be encouraged to pinpoint and identify the key challenges that are currently blocking or holding you back. This should enable you to set clear and meaningful short and long term objectives, followed by attainable, actionable, steps toward your goals! 

You do have it within your power to control your future-destiny to a great extent, and my primary mission is to empower your capacity to position yourself at the control center of your life, so that you navigate your personal affairs toward successful outcomes that are meaningful, self-fulfilling, and rewarding!

As your Life Coach, I'll serve as your Guide and Mentor and help unlock the tremendous reserves of potential that lay currently dormant within the inner core of your being. 





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